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Estimating Techniques for Projects

Course Length: 1 Day

Projects that start out with poor estimates are doomed to failure. Yet, there is no question that estimating work is difficult because it is partially an art and partially a science.

The “science” component, consisting of formal estimating techniques and formulas, can be learned and applied with practice. The “art” component, consisting of making decisions without all of the facts, and accounting for the people side of the equation, is more difficult to master.

The objective of the this course material is to allow each participant the experience of basing as much of the estimate as possible on the “science” side, while also applying sound judgment and valid techniques to the “art” side of estimating.


Overview of Estimating

Why is Estimating Important?

Pitfalls to Estimating

Estimating Techniques

  • Five Rules of Estimating
  • Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT)
  • Level of Productivity

Effort, Duration and Cost

Developing the Estimate Package



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