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Presentation/Facilitation Skills Training

Instructor(s): Denise Brown
Course Length: 3 Days

Participants develop the essential skills needed for group presentation and facilitation management in this seminar, including preparation of the material, delivery techniques and facilitating the crowd. Role play is included with this course. Each participant prepares a presentation. Once presentations are ready, each person is recorded live via digital media. The recordings are given to each attendee to take home at the end of the seminar so they may review and perfect their delivery style to their liking!


  • Clarifying the difference between facilitating, presenting and key note speaking
  • Techniques in presenting data to upper management and clients
  • Techniques in presenting to peers
  • Ability to lead open group discussions and managing a difficult crowd
  • Ability to deliver data based on accurately defined objectives


Learning Styles

  • Various Learning Styles
  • Cognitive Thinking
  • DISC Profile Assessment
  • Analysis of Colors for Presentations
  • Management of Perceptions
  • Did They Hear You? A Checklist

Presentation Techniques

  • Definitions
  • Stages of Presentations
  • Communication Assessment: Do I Qualify?
  • Select and Prepare a Topic
  • Maintaining Audience Attention
  • Preparing and Timing Your Material


  • Skills Practice
  • Productive Critiques: What NOT to Say
  • Audience/Group Dynamics During Presentations
  • Crowd Management in a Technical Environment
  • Managing Difficult Attendees
  • Specialized "Secrets" From the Pros!


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