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Time Management

Instructor(s): Denise Brown
Course Length: 1 Day

Time management is one of those behavioral traits that can often be difficult to master within a given day. Although one day of training will not eliminate all problems, it will certainly enable each participant to get a handle on their routine habits. To truly master time management, we must employ personal, disciplined procedures for breaking old habits. This interactive course involves taking a look at old habits. Analyzing available options to change is the second approach. This will help establish new behavioral patterns within a daily routine for both business and personal. The in-depth assessments and post-course evaluations will assist each participant with tools needed to stay on track.


  • Evaluating Current Behavioral Patterns
  • Analyzing Options for Changing Habits
  • Determine New Patterns of Behavior to Build New Habits
  • Meeting and Exceeding Personal, Daily Expectations


  • Am I a Procrastinator?
  • Determine Old Habit Patterns
  • What Are My Options?
  • Developing New Habits
  • Dividing the Day
    • Personal Time
    • Professional Time
    • What About the Interruptions?
  • Making it Happen!
  • Am I Afraid of Failure or Success?
    • Two Week Assessment
    • One Month Assessment
    • Three Month Assessment
  • Evaluating Your Origin of Motivation
  • Post-Course Evaluation
    • Two Week Evaluation
    • One Month Evaluation
    • Three Month Evaluation


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