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Microsoft Access®

Instructor(s): Denise Brown
Course Length: 1 Day Fundamentals; 1 Day Advanced

This course is designed to give the particpant basics and/or advanced knowledge of using a relational database in MSAccess®.

This course will focus on general navigation, tables, and designing forms in the basics class. The advanced class will look at form wizards as well as importing/exporting with other Microsoft® applications. Each day of this course is a full 8 hour day of learning.

  • Microsoft Access® Fundamentals
  • Microsoft Access® Advanced


  • General Navigation
    • Toolbars/Title Bar
    • Icon Descriptions
  • Databases
    • Relational Database Description
    • Flat File Database
    • Introduction to Creating
  • Tables
    • Fields/Data Types/Primary Key
    • Naming Fields Essential Tips
    • Relationships Between Tables
    • Critical Steps to Tables
  • Records
  • Designing Forms


  • Form Wizards
  • Dynasets
  • Parameter Queries
  • Command Buttons
  • Customizing Forms
  • Designing in Access
  • Macros for Access


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