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Microsoft Project®

Course Length: 2 Days

This software training course provides in-depth instruction to one of the most widely used software packages for time and schedule management. The first day of instruction is devoted to the fundamentals and becoming familiar with each of the icons. The second day of instruction builds from an intermediate to advanced level. There are interactive exercises along with periodic reviews to remind each participant of the key actions to take each time they need to create a schedule. This course uses real-life scenarios for smaller schedules up to some of the most complicated schedule layouts and functions. A must for all managers who multi-task!


  • Fundamental approach to building a schedule
  • Methods for estimating durations
  • Establishing and assigning the correct number of resources
  • Establishing accurate dependencies
  • Establishing budgets
  • Developing and working from a baseline


  • Defining the Project
    • Calendar View
    • Logic Diagram Network View
    • Gantt View
    • Tables/Split Screens
    • Filters
  • Setting Global Defaults
  • Building the Schedule
  • Setting the Start Date (Default/Custom)
  • Tasks/Duration Estimates
  • Milestones
    • Purpose of Milestones
    • Establishing Milestones
    • Milestones as reporting tool for management/client(s)
  • Establishing Resources
    • Selection and Assignment of Resources
    • Percentage of Effort: What is Correct?
    • Allocation of Resources
  • Dependencies: Types and When to Use
  • Baselines
    • Purpose of Baselines/When to Use
    • Setting Baselines
    • Impact of Resources/Actuals to Baseline
  • Extra Tips/Techniques: Secrets of the Software


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