Business Process Management

Instructor(s): Denise Brown,
Course Length: 3 Days

Your process DOES impact your customers! There are internal customers and external customers in ALL organizations. Unfortunately, many employees manage tasks instead of processes to help their customers. This course material guides you to create process with the customer in mind. The exercises enable you to think from a centralized or local mindset and observe the impact to the global needs of the business and ultimately, the customers.

Multiple and complex layers of communication within organizations add costs to customers as well as delaying delivery cycles and response times to customers. Inefficiency and waste become part of the system. Your company is therefore missing out on productivity and competitive advantage.

How much more profit or savings would your organization be able to make if the process was streamlined?

This course provides you with simple yet powerful methods of looking beyond functional tasks and evaluating your core processes. You will learn how to create process maps and discover methods that enable you to peel away the complexity of your organizational structure and internal politics and focus on the heart of the business.


With hands-on application in the classroom, you gain a clearer understanding of how processes interact in a system. You will also be able to locate flaws currently creating systematic problems and evaluate the non-value added as well as the value-added activities for your customers!

Process Management - Strategic

  • Types of Processes
    • Human Processes
    • Technical Processes
  • BPM Philosophy for Management
  • Best Practices of BPM
  • When Would You Consider Using Process Reengineering?
  • Internal Marketing Techniques for Establishing BPM
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Process Mapping - Tactical

  • Terms and Definitions
  • Internal Marketing of Process Mapping
  • Customer Role
  • Team Roles/Responsibilities
  • Developing the Scope
  • Creating the Agenda

Mapping Tools/Techniques

  • Relationship Diagrams
  • Swim Lane Diagrams
  • Work Flow Diagrams
  • Determining Metrics
  • As-Is Condition
  • Map Analysis
  • Future Condition

Implementing Changes

  • Implementation Strategy
  • Sustaining Organizational Change
  • Documenting Process Management